Outsmarting Low Back Pain
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About Us
Julie and Gordon Browne This program was written and produced by Gordon and Julie Browne. Gordon has been a physical therapist since 1983 and Julie has been a physical therapist assistant since 1998. Together, they run a physical therapy clinic in Bellevue, Washington...specializing in using their skills as movement educators to treat various musculoskeletal injuries.

Gordon and Julie are practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method®, an intricate system of movement and directed self-awareness that provides much of the framework for this program. This movement system emphasizes fluidity, self-awareness and gentle exploration of interesting and unusual directions of movement. Their grace and balance are evident as they demonstrate and describe the delicious variety of movements found in this program.

Gordon has taught continuing education seminars for physical therapists since 1999 and has written a book on the topic of therapeutic movement: "A Manual Therapist's Guide to Movement: Teaching Motor Skills to the Orthopedic Patient" (Churchill Livingston/Elsevier 2006). This book, along with audio CD recordings of the movement lessons in the book and information about the seminars, can be found in the Professionals section of this website.

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